Teaching Assistant

Undergraduate and Graduate, American University, Economics, 2012

Worked as a teaching assistant for eight consecutive semesters ending May 2016. Duties varied widely, but generally included teaching smaller sections of larger lectures, grading, and office hours.

The courses 300 level and below are for undergraduates, the 400 levels are for undergraduates and masters, and the 600 levels are for masters and PhD students.

2016ECON 672International Economics: Finance
 ECON 450Growing Artificial Societies
2015ECON 332Money Banking and Finance
 ECON 400Introductory Microeconomics with Calculus
 ECON 450Growing Artificial Societies
 ECON 632Finance, Stability and Growth
 ECON 346Competition, Regulation and Business Strategy
2014ECON 100Macroeconomics
 ECON 200Microeconomics
2013ECON 100Macroeconomics
 ECON 200Microeconomics
2012ECON 200Microeconomics